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  • Minister of Revenue, Stuart Nash: Opening address at the Chartered Accountants Australia New Zealand Annual Tax Conference 2017
    Posted: 22/11/2017
  • What do I tell our painter Fransisco about what the new government will mean for hard working overseas tradesmen like him?
    Posted: 2/11/2017
  • Like our offices, the NZ Government is about to be transformed - but into what?
    Posted: 26/9/2017
  • On 1st August 2017 the Minister of Justice, Amy Adams, introduced the new Trust Bill into Parliament. While it will now languish in the House
    Posted: 31/8/2017
  • A consultation document was released 19th June 2017 — Better administration of individuals’ income tax — by the New Zealand Government.
    Posted: 20/6/2017
  • The New Zealand Government released its 2017 budget on 25th May 2017. Newly minted Finance Minister Stephen Joyce presented the budget in Parliament.
    Posted: 25/5/2017
  • Immigration looks like it is going to be a key debate in New Zealand and its forthcoming elections
    Posted: 1/5/2017
  • Three consultation papers proposing new measures to strengthen New Zealand's rules for taxing large multinationals have been released by Finance Minister Steven Joyce and Revenue Minister Judith Collins
    Posted: 6/3/2017
  • As a customer or client we all like to think that we are unique, and when we pay for services we expect both value for money (e.g. cheap) and that the service or goods will be fit for purpose. Sometimes those two expectations can be accommodated and sometimes they are competing. The issue is understanding when trying to save money can cost you more in the long run.
    Posted: 14/1/2017
  • Thanks to you, we are helping those who need it most this Christmas.
    Posted: 6/12/2016
  • The Government has announced special measures and cancelled certain penalties to help those affected by the Kaikoura earthquakes
    Posted: 22/11/2016
  • Thinking about the housing boom in Auckland and Queenstown makes you think about other events over the last X number of years. Stockmarket, goats, deer, kiwifruit, stockmarket, timeshares, property, startups, complex legal structures (just in case), dairy farming, stockmarket, property, trust structures (just in case), Queen Street farmers ...
    Posted: 11/10/2016
  • We are into Spring, and that means icecream on the beach for some of us. But watch out for the middle of the year rule - the rule that brings in tax changes part way through the tax year.
    Posted: 3/10/2016
  • The world of espionage, secret intelligence, working undercover, spies, secret agents… sounds like the makings of the latest, greatest James Bond film. In reality …
    Posted: 23/8/2016
  • Inland Revenue is implementing “business transformation”, a programme intended to modernise New Zealand’s tax service, in theory …
    Posted: 22/8/2016
  • This week the Government introduced its new tax bill, including tax simplification rules. “Simplify” - to make simple or simpler, as: a. To reduce in complexity or extent. b. To reduce to fundamental parts. c. To make easier to understand. At just 134 pages, we are grateful for the Government’s commentary …
    Posted: 10/8/2016
  • The Attorney-General Chris Findlayson made a presentation to the Christchurch members of ADLSI, and members of the judiciary this morning, Friday 29 July 2016. His key topic in essence was it is our role to protect our constitution and our rights under the law.
    Posted: 1/8/2016