Under Construction – being transformed

Under Construction – being transformed

Here at Shellock we are enjoying the company of a few good men, as our office undergoes some transformation.  By November, we hope our new friends will leave us in peace.  Nevertheless, we are still open for business.

A bit like our New Zealand Government.  It’s going to be transformed, how much and with whom we still don’t know.  But it has been an enjoyable election – at least viewing from the outside. 

Perhaps as we wait out who and what our Government for the next three years will be (see, I’m being ever the optimist) we should consider what we want New Zealand to look like, to feel like and whether we are on the right track.

Here at Shellock we espouse no particularly political leanings, mostly because it serves no purpose and benefits no-one – in fact, if anything, we are an “Equal Opportunities Party” (“EOP”).  You got a tax problem, a tax question, or a restructure that involves tax, Shellock is your EOP.

If you would like to contact us on anything about EOP, or the implications on some other political parties tax policies and what it could mean to you, feel free to contact us on [email protected]

Posted: Tuesday 26 September 2017