Changes are afoot my dear Watson!

Changes are afoot my dear Watson!

Fransisco and I are developing a great relationship as he paints my office during the renovations.  I know three phrases in Spanish and he is fluent in English and he tests me every day.  Fransisco was very excited about the new Government on the basis that a “Labour” Government would allow more migration of hard working tradespeople like him.  “It’s a good thing, no?”  Given that this question was asked the day after the coalition was announced, I fudged a response, because for him I just don’t know.

Maybe he is right, but only time will tell.  Over the past few months a lot of people have got excited about what and who our new Government will be.  What they will do or not do, and whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.  Based on my age and experience I can tell you one thing, the sky is not going to fall down anytime soon.  Yes, there will be changes, and you or I may not like them, and there will be other changes that we will like.  Life’s like that.  Many years ago, I remarked to former PM Jenny Shipley (then leader of the Opposition) at a seminar “that a change of Government was quite good for the country from time to time”.  Her reply was (from memory) “Maybe, but not for long!”  She then avoided me for the rest of the event.  Opps, maybe I hit a raw nerve.

What we should be concentrating on is making sure our small corner of the economy is working well.  And talking it down will not benefit anyone.  Here is a snap shot of some headlines in The Press or website Stuff on 1 November 2017.

  • Number of houses for sale plummets
  • Fit or miss? Retailers offer new tools
  • Business confidence hits two-year low
  • Future-proofing the workforce
  • Employer contempt for the law worrying but thankfully rare
  • Sharing the sick leave
  • High stakes in gas prospects
  • Robinson: Drop in dollar to be expected
  • Dollar jumps on news of strong job creation
  • Council pursues $528m from Aon
  • Unpaid Christchurch rates on the up
  • Ban on foreign home buyers
  • Foreign farm buyer crackdown
  • Foresters welcome target
  • Police academy for NCEA students
  • Government is considering experimental climate change visa
  • Christchurch building company boss gets 14 months in jail for tax evasion

Some of these will push your buttons either For or Against.  The real world, as we all know, is full of subtleties.  Here at Shellock we try to focus on our clients and their future business.  There might be tax or business changes that affect you or your clients: we are here to help you through them.  History shows us that any new Government will bring in law changes that will change the way the world was, but unless we want to remain in the past we best look forward together to the next exciting chapter in the life of New Zealand.  And in my case an expanded and refurbished new office.

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Adios por ahora


Posted: Thursday 2 November 2017