Tax Working Group background paper released

Tax Working Group background paper released

The Tax Working Group Background paper has been released. You can find it here

It's 57 pages long. Great, Super, Wicked!

I have just started to read it. Sentences such as this stick out " If the Government is to continue providing healthcare and superannuation at current levels, then the level of taxation will need to increase, or spending on other transfers or publicly provided goods and services will need to fall." FYI "transfers" is a fancy way of saying benefits such as "Jobseeker Support [previously known as "the dole" to you and me] and national superannuation.

Submissions should be made by 30th April 2018.

CJ: I didn't get to where I am today by making submissions on Government papers late. It's an early bird that smells the worm on the roses. Goodbye.

Posted: Thursday 15 March 2018